You are Welcome in this gallery !

I have been fund of photography for about 15 years. This website shows you some of my pictures.

Many people ask me what where the subjects I shot on several pictures. According to my experience, I prefer not to give you the answers. I would not like to be the executioner who reduces your imagination. What you see on these pictures is exactly what I have probably shot ! It is the single important thing. What you can see (or feel) is surely more interesting than reality.

For the other people who are intereted in the technics : these are mainly argentic photos, essentially slides. They are based on classical effects (overslides, overshots, swapping baths) and many others from my own conception. I never use color filters. Absolutely no digital effects (these pictures are pure argentic ones). There is an important difference between what you do with digital effects and traditional photographs : with the digital effects, you can make exactly what you want. And my purpose is precisely avoiding any precise wish. I mix several technics to increase the random level of each result. As I think that a photographer is the one who chooses the interesting shot in everything he can see, I prefer to choose this shot amongst abstract pictures... and this abstraction is higher when you don't foresee too precisely what is in your mind.

Please feel free to print my shots for your personnal and non-commercial use : just let my referencies on the picture for my personal promotion. For some public use, please contact me, even for free exhibitions. This might be a good opportunity for us to collaborate for an exhibition.

So, if you are interesting by exhibiting these pictures, don't hesitate to contact me at this e-mail address:

s.campin (at)

I hope you have a good trip in these photos...