Other photograph artists

Voncotu : Many pictures with macro aquatic colorfull effects.
Francis Gazeau : A very impressive field of colors, for the reality expression.
Julien Laurent : A new photographer who increases the nature's beauty, very colorful.
Pierre Bonard : This young photographer works on several styles, have a walk among Brittany.

Links around the photo

Cedroïde : The very original graphic work of a good frend of mine.
Photomatismes : How the photomatons can become interesting
Fractalus : Very beautifull fractals.
Gabrielle Demontmoulin : Action man figurines !
Art Scott : Glitch art

Everything else but the photography

Franck H Perrot : This artist advises often me. His website shows his wonderfull work (not photo).
Sylvestre CAMPIN : My french CV, because I have some other occupations too :)